Should I keep my boyfriend and forget about my first love or dump my boyfriend and figure out being with my first love?

this is kinda messed up but here it goes. i met this guy and we got into a relationship he cheated i broke up with him then three weeks later he dumped his girlfriend. we still stayed in contact. I've forgiven him because he did a pretty good job in making it up to me. so now i gave our relationship a second chance. my ex boyfriend i had before dating him we've been on and off for a good while and kinda decided to completely shut it off. so recently i was in an argument with my boyfriend and my ex ask me to hang out so i went. i had the best time with him I've had with anyone in a while. he ended up kissing me and i felt something that I've never felt before. now i think or almost sure that I'm in love with him but i also have feelings for my current boyfriend. this is a big confusing mess because basically I'm cheating on my boyfriend which is totally wrong and i lied to him about it. should i find out if my ex really wants me and dump my boyfriend? or keep my boyfriend and just let time take its course?



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  • I think the best thing for you to do right now is to stay with the boyfriend you have now and let things take its own course. I mean if you were on and off with this guy for a while what do you think would make it different if you got back with him after some time the on and off thing would probably start up again.


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  • I would stay with your bf. See where things take you. You broke up with your ex for a reason and those reasons will keep coming back.


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