What should I reply to, a guy saying "if get out of work early I'll call you?

I met this guy two days ago, we have good conversations, he told my friend that he likes me, today I asked him if he wanted to see me. His reply was if i get out early I'll call you.


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  • How about, "sounds good" - I mean, you would like to see him correct? And he's offering to come see you, if his schedule permits, right?

    Or, "what's wrong with after work at the normal time?" (ie: maybe he's cheating on someone who expects him home at a certain time)

  • I wouldn't assume anything at this point. I would say ok, (if you like him.) Sometime at work they are not that busy, so they will say it is ok for him to leave earlier than most days or sometime they will ask him to stay later if they need him to stay. It is all based on what type of job he has.


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