I got a man but still have deep feelings for my babys father. please help?

I have a boyfriend but I still have deep feelings for my babys father. Just recently I stopped emailing him, texting him, calling him etc for almost a week now. I'm trying to win him back over without seeming obvious. I want him back so badly. What else should I do? Should I make him jealous?


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  • Ok wait so you have a boyfriend but you're really trying to win baby daddy back? You need to dump your boyfriend immediately. Don't use people. If you want him back, win him back without using others. Don't be a sociopath.

    • He does the same thing to me. He's a mind control freak and tries to make me jealous with a new girl every month/week after I try and move on.

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    • no problem

  • Yes no good to play with your boyfriends feelings but what happens
    if you take back the baby's daddy and he turns on you

    • If he comes back to me this time I'm forcing his ass to marry me. I'm done with the bullshit

    • well, that would be nice hope things go good for you
      i know relationships are hard to get and hard to keep
      it takes both persons to make it work easier said than done

  • Once you have sex with someone their genetics are your genetics'that includes the genetics they picked up with whom they had sex with. So the feelings will be there but the idea should be what you are now receiving' not what you recieved.

    • Well my current bf can't please me in bed like my babys father can either. Thats one of the reasons I want my babys father back. But me and my babys fathers bond is soooo strong I carried our beautiful baby for 9 months. Its killing me that he won't come back and be a family

  • I'd say you need to dump your current BF if you're going after your baby's father again, period.


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