Women Always Say THIS!!!?

Coming from a guy's perspective... everywhere I go, I always see women complaining about how they cannot find a good at all. That, or they complain about their ex or current boyfriend.

Ladies - You go to bars/clubs, meet a guy and expect him to be boyfriend material. You choose that loud, obnoxious guy that "appears" confident and you are always left disappointed.

Ladies... It's not that hard to find a good guy. The guy you have just friend zoned, he was probably a good guy. This is how you can tell a good guy... and these are the most type of men that are overlooked.


Is he shy? Shy guys always make good partners in my opinion. They are too nervous to talk to other women, are less likely to cheat on you and are sensitive to your feelings.


Meet a guy at the bookstore (also known as the bookstore guy). These are the type of men you want. They are intellectual, enjoy mental stimulation and are the types to stay inside and read a good book instead of partying every night.


(The fashionable guy) No. These guys aren't gay or metrosexuals! Guys who are fashionable care about their looks. That means they care about how they present themselves and the physical impression they make when they meet people. Because they are about the impression they leave on people, that means they must care about their success.

And damn it, ladies. If you want a good guy... TALK TO HIM FIRST. Us good guys... we get tired of trying to make the first move, especially when you show zero interest!


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  • You actually have a point and I completely understand what you are talking about. I know plenty of girls who do it as well.
    HOWEVER, I don't appreciate it when self-proclaimed nice guys think that by acting "nice" they can convince a woman to sleep with them. Being "nice" shouldn't be an attribute that people desperately use in order to get laid. That's the definition of a douchebag.
    Being "nice" doesn't mean that you should sit on your ass while the girl is putting effort in getting to know you or she is expected to do the first move.
    Remember that men who are genuinely nice, are nice towards everyone (children, men, women, old people etc) NOT ONLY TOWARDS pretty women. You should also remember that being a decent human being is only ONE characteristic. People usually seek for other things too in potential partners.
    Personally speaking, I go for the good guys. My boyfriend was my best friend for a pretty long time and he is nice towards everyone.


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  • I think I'll get a little female hate for this maybe but I actually agree with you on some points. Your delivery could use a lot less whining but whatever. I am all for the "shy" guys because I tend to think they won't be filled with machismo. It's just my type. And I do tend to approach them if I'm interested. I actually think the vast majority of men I have dated were approached by me, not the other way around.

    That being said, just because someone is loud or whatever in a bar or at a party doesn't mean he won't know how to be a good bf.

  • Wtf is this shit? It's so sad to me that guys... just like girls... are pitted against each other when it comes to finding love. You shouldn't put down other guys. Every girl had a personality she's attracted to. If she keeps dating the same kind of guys then ignore her until she learns.

    • Well, don't come her bitching when you don't learn.

      There's the problem. Both boys and girls come here, some complaining about this subject. They may have had their better half cheat, or leave them, and then wonder where the fuck they find daithfull people.
      So there's two options; educate them or ignore them. Seeing as they appear to be so comon, education is the only realistic option; which is exactly what he's doing.

      And sterotyping is human nature. It's human nature to put things in system. We do it with everything arround us, even persons! We separate things by traits, people too, so even if stereotypes aren't 100% acurate, thed do give a good image IF they are based on observations.
      Hence why mister nice guy actually make some sense.

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    • You're right. But then again it's hard to tell. People only show you what they want you to see. I have dated a shy guy who was very smart and he was an abusive asshole lol @dartmaul15

    • Hm, yeah, that happens. Glad you had the guts to leave him.
      Anyway, that's why i'm speaking in general. Nice guys are more likely to treat you properly over time for various reasons, but some can be just as much of an asshole as anyone. But then again, would it be fun dating if you knew EXACTLY who'd fit you spot on, how people really were, and how things would turn out?

  • I met my boyfriend at a party._. He's a lovely man.

  • I like shy guys but I'm shy so it doesn't happen.

  • I agree with many of your arguments, however I'm personally a shy girl who is also into more of the shy guys. In the past I've always been the one who has had to muster all this confidence to try and make the first move, and honestly its a lot of work. Girls don't particularly enjoy making the first move, so that is why I think many girls go for the louder, more outgoing guys, even if they are obnoxious, just because it's easier. Either way I think it's hard for both girls and guys to make the first move especially if your shy, but just because a guy is shy shouldn't mean he doesn't have to make the first move because girls can be shy as well.


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  • No self respecting woman wants to have sex with a guy in a bookstore with two stuffed cats on his shoulder. Jesus.

    Every time you bitch about the friendzone, remember you put yourself there.

  • This isn't even a question...

    • Yes it is. There is a question mark at the end of my title!