I don't know what to do... long distance?

So when high school started I met this guy off an app (yeah I know) but we've never met, anyway we got to talking and became really serious we skyped every night said I love you, we became a couple and we said we were perfect together and can't wait to get married and it's almost our 1 year anniversary... But i'm in college now and he's still in high school. We talked about it and said I could date someone if I found someone but I really love him... I met this guy close to my school and he's cute but it's different and i'm scared if he asks me to be his girlfriend... I don't know what to do... because I don't want to cheat but I don't want to wait for something that I don't know will even happen... I'm so conflicted and scared on what to do

  • Stay with long distance ( had a long relationship with)
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  • Go with new guy (just met but he's actually here)
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  • I didn't choose either option. I would encourage u to stay in a relationship with someone you havenever seen, because it is hard/impossible to fall in love in that way. Talking to someone online and meeting them and seeing their behaviour in reality is very different, things could change if u see him in person.
    As for the new guy, i not sure how different he is from that first guy and what u r looking for in a guy.. to me is know this new guy more and see whether you are really compatible.


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  • I'd say you first need to find out if you really love the first guy.


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  • If you really love your bf, distance won't matter. If you are harbouring thoughts about other guys and if he says that you can date around then I don't think You guys love each other like you think.

    • It's not that we don't love each other... it's just we''ve never met and we know we have to set each other free if we love each other and we can't tie each other down...

    • Why haven't you met yet?

    • He's super far and it's a lot of money to see him