Should I talk to her??

Okay I've had this drama for awhile and I know it gets old quick. I have already decided I am losing courtney as a friend and have decided on hanging with other friends and courtney once in a blue moon but I can help thinking should I talk to courtney bout why I can't be close friends with her till she can stand up to jess on her own?

p.s. If you don't understand the whole courtney/ jess drama -- ready my other question first bout friend drama


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  • Yes, do talk to her.

    • I did talk to courtney and she sees how jess really is. courtney and jess got into a fight like I did with jess and they are no longer friends -- me and courtney have become closer friends plus the 10 years of friendship that we have. its just weird because we don't want to run into jess at the mall or anything.

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