Have you ever stopped seeing a girl so you could pursue another only to regret it later?

Let's say for example..

You just started dating someone you had a crush on years ago. You have only been on a couple of dates but you get along really well. That is, until you start seeing someone else (a girl you have been friends with for a few months). You decide to stick it out with the new girl (the friend) and see how things go... but after awhile you start to regret not giving things a chance with the first girl.

Has this ever happened to you or something similar? What did you do? Did you try to get her back? How did things turn out in the end?


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  • No I haven't neglected one girl to pursue another. But I've tried dating two girls at the same time to see which one will win my heart over. It didn't work out too well because i had strong feelings for one girl who never had the same feelings for me in return, making it hard to date other girls.

    And then I've tried to go steady and work my way into a relationship with one girl, while trying to juggle a discrete friends-with-benefits fling with another one. That didn't turn out very well because the friends-with-benefits was just using me for my money and did whatever she could to occupy my time, and I'm sure she tried to sabotage my chances with the other girl. So I ended that fling we had to pursue the other girl, but in the end I couldn't get the relationship going :(

  • Did feel some regret? Absolutely. But, if I was willing to pass on a female to date another, then she was not truly want I wanted. Most people are not willing to be someone's second choice. Me, being aware of this, and in effort to avoid explaining myself, I moved on.


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