She ignored me to flirt with another guy and now she is saying she is missing me?

She approached me , she sat next to me touched my thighs , she told me that she want to get to know me , then every time she comes she call me to meet her we talk for a while , one day i was having an exam i was in bad mood and i told her that i would like to stay with her , she told me she is leaving i told her its okay , but she was lying i saw her sitting with another guy flirting with him , she told me he is her friends brother but i knew she is lying , i just ignored her and told her her behavior is not right , she kept apologizing then she told me she wants me to come to her graduation , i told her she has enough friends to come no need for me , she kept calling i never pick up , after months i had my graduation she called me i didn't know her number she told me a different name when i answered it was her before saying anything to me she just said whats wrong with you , later she told me its my graduation day thats why she called me she said i know you might never call me again i just wanted to tell you that you shouldn't do this to me and i missed you so much and i wanted to say congratulations to you thats it if you dont want me anymore i won't force you i just wanted to say what i feel.
What does her behavior mean she acted like she doesn't know what happened but she knows , why she is saying she is missing me and why she called me in my graduation day?


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  • Girls always want something they can't have