I think two girls in the same class like me?

I dont know what to do. I would go out with either.

I worry if I ask out one the other might feel rejectwd? I mean i can't just ask one out one week then the other one the next week. I can't decide which one I like better.

One girl is short and really energetic. She is a cheerleader. She was really nervous around me at first and quiet. The teacher told us to work on and assignment and now she gets really excited around me and smiles a lot. She agrees with everything I say and laughs at anything sort of funny i say even when i talk to other people. She is really cute and acts really cute.

The other girl is taller and very pretty. She is quieter but she makes lots of excuses to touch me or flirt physically and leans her head against me. She is from a foreign country and has a strong accent. She seems really nice.


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  • Take your time what you rushing for. Options can be liberating. I worry about the people that don't have ANY. I see plenty of those in class each day. What a life... IJS


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  • After one likes you her friends like you it how it is, want something everyone else wants. gose the same for fuck a girl , then you fuck her friends