Should I message him this?

I was seeing this guy for about a week but we have only communicated via text etc. for the last 2 weeks.
It was pretty much purely sex.
I texted him a few times and he messages back for hrs with smileys and long messages. He never initiates.
I once asked if he'd be back and he said yes after his busy week.

I want him to visit. I was thinking about messaging him saying 'if you need a study break sometime, you should come around and I'll show you my new pool skills' (because I have a pool table - obviously)
Or snapchatting him a picture of Prison Break saying 'you're missing out ;)' because it was an in joke of ours.
What do you think? Too bold or just right?


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  • do whatever you want LOL

  • Just do it if that what u want


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