Can a relationship work without sexual attraction?

Not to be rude, but some people are simply not sexually attractive. Assuming the emotional connection is amazing, and the two people get along great, can a relationship work without sexual attraction (assuming it's monogamous)?
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  • At certain extent. But it seems like a friendship to me. It can be possible when you're older or sth. Otherwise in early stages of life, it is difficult to maintain that kind of relationship in my opinion. At least for me.


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  • Yes, that's called friendship. If you're talking about a romantic relationship, then no, you definitely need the sexual attraction to make it work, it's a natural part of it.

    • I've talked to people married for years where they've said the romance and sex is completely dead but they still want that companionship.

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    • But, are they truly happy? If sex is completely dead with your partner then wouldn't you want to find good sex on someone else? I don't think that's a healthy relationship.

    • Of course they're not truly happy, they just acomodate to that situation somehow. I guess there are people out there who don't care much for sex though, so maybe in those cases it would be ok for them. Well, I don't know about that.. I can only speak for myself and no, I don't think a relationship without sexual attraction is a healthy one, and it cannot provide nearly enough satisfaction for the people involved.

  • If I am attracted to somebody's personality - that could lead to sexual attraction even if the person is not sexy (etc... overweight, short, pimples)


What Guys Said 2

  • First you've got to keep in mind that people find different things to be attractive; what you may perceive to be as unattractive might really blow someone else's hair back.

    As for your question, I think there needs to be that sexual attraction there on some level, at least during prime sexual years of life, anyway.

  • Of course it can, it won't work for me but I'm sure we have some people out there that just don't have sex drive.

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