What does it all mean?

So the girl I have been seeing doesn't know what she wants and I have accepted that but yesterday was my birthday and she bought me a watch not a massive expensive watch but not a cheap one either what does that mean? After giving me the watch I got a little too drunk and had a bit of a row I can't remember what over or what was said the only thing I remember is her saying she isn't talking to me while I was drunk I sent her a text saying that I was sorry but had no response what should I do now?


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  • well judging by the gift she gave you, she's somewhat interested but I don't blame her for not wanting to talk to you when you're drunk. I don't like talking to my bf when he's drunk either. Give her another day or so to think and text her again apologizing for you're behavior. (I'm guessing since you had a little spat someone did or said something offensive and since you can't remember the goings on, just assume it was you.) If she doesn't reply again, let it go unless she starts to pursue you again.


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  • I don't like talking to my gf when he's drunk either.