What is your preferred way to let someone you recently met feel that you like him or her?

This is quite useful info for me, I'm a rather shy person and making the initial contact with someone is generally my weak point.
So, how would you do that without chasing the person away. Let's say it's someone from the opposite sex and you're both decent people.

Please, no "tricks" that you would not like a minor to read. You like the person, you're not planning a one night stand!


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  • - Try and find some common interest/s by asking questions (in a friendly and non-interrogating manner of course)
    - Casually slip in conversation that you're thinking of seeing a movie/going to a concert/etc sometime and invite them to join you
    - Just be nice to her/him


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  • I generally ask a lot of questions s of they are shy. (Don't sound like you're interrogating her though)
    If she talks a lot then I'd just listen and try to relate to w/e she talks about if i can.

    • There's absolutely a logic in this method. And indeed, sounding like a police inspector would not do the job. But showing interest into who she is and what she does & likes should work.
      Thanks for the suggestions :-)

  • Send her a gift.

    • Thanks for the suggestion!
      Don't you think the girl may be upset if you send her a gift close to first contact? A gift will generally be appreciated but from someone you're only starting to learn to know, not certain.
      At the first date it's probably a yes, some flowers would certainly do the job I believe :-)

    • Flowers would be good.

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