Girls, would you say I look Attractive? Be honest?

I'm 14, in the army cadets and love working out. I will soon be taking a military prep course. Would girls find this sort of thing attractive?

Girls, be honest, would you say I look attractive?

Last but far from least. there's a girl in some of my classes and form i like. when we speak we get along great and i make her laugh. how do i get into a longer conversation with her? i really want to ask her out, how do i do this?

the poll is about the cadets, would girls say this hobby looks tough and attractive

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If you vote could you post in opinions, explaining your choice and help me with my other questions? thanks


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  • My dear, you're so young that you shouldn't expect to get many answers regarding your looks. Not on a website that mostly consists of users who are over 18.
    You're a good looking guy. You still look pretty young right now, but your looks (especially your face shape) are going to change drastically as you get older.
    As for this girl you're interested in, sounds like you're doing well so far. Making a girl laugh is one of the best things you can do. Make sure you're asking her questions about herself. To ask her out all you have to do is say something like "so we should go for pizza sometime, what do you think?" and go from there. Doesn't have to be that EXACT, but something along those lines.
    GGood luck!


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  • I said attractive... but I am wayyy older than you so I won't say much more than you look like a good looking boy. as for the cadets being attractive a lot of girls really do like the tough guy in a uniform.. but it is more of a personal preference. as for the girl.. if you feel a connection just go for it... girls love confidence so just start asking her questions or ask for her opinion and a topic you can discuss for a long time and if you are connecting great just ask her out.. the worst that could happen is she says no but if you have as good of a connection as you think you do it will probably be a yes!

  • i think your quite attractive but thats just my opinion

  • I'm 14 too. Trust me. On the looks front you're really attractive. :)

  • I voted really attractive Lol
    You could probably make it for 17 hahaa


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