How to move on? Should I tell him?

Basically, I like one of my friends from uni, have done for the past 9 months on knowing him for 2 years.
After a Summer of not seeing each other or speaking we both recently graduated and gone our separate ways.
Know is the time to move on! But I don't know how?

We were good friends, and there was a point where we almost happened but uni ended. He doesn't know and never has, so I'm just wondering whether telling him now would bring me closure or shall I just try to push it down and forget?

There isn't really a chance for us to get together anymore as we live far apart, and people tend to grow apart over time, however spending time together recently just brought it all back :(
Any advice?


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  • It's difficult to tell what you should do. To me it seems like you would do yourself a favor by telling him and indeed find closure. But we don't know how that would affect the guy. Do you know his current status? What's he's up to at the moment? Will it be convenient for him to hear this from you?
    Maybe you can be a bit selfish and just tell him.

    • He's single aswell as far as I'm aware, if I knew otherwise I wouldn't even consider it as it wouldn't be fair. We're both in a limbo atm just trying to figure out what to do next. It's just the distance that's the killer! Plus I don't know how he will react, if at all as it's easy to ignore a message.

    • Alright, so you can just start a casual conversation with him so you know he's responding. And then just squeeze in your confession and be done with it. You'll know at least know that you told him, even if he doesn't respond. Do you require a response from him? It looks like that doesn't matter right now.

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  • just tell him :) whatever was the response , it's good to take it out of your chest

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