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Me and my ex been dating for over a year, and we've met both our parents, he was in love with me. Things were going well (not perfect but its good), until my parents came to the States and met him. My dad started to ask me to break up with him and writing me tons of emails to remind me. And because me and my dad barely talked for the past 5 years, so when he showed his opinion, it just became quite influential on me.

I always thought I'm a though girl, I always know what I want, until then; so I start to question myself about my choice, and one day I broke up with my ex, we were both crying. It was a rash decision and I regret it 2 days later. Called him up apologize, and he forgave me by agreeing on taking a break but work things out, but he was really unsure about how I felt about him, often asking me if I love him. But I always have trouble to say I love you. Then he gave me a month and a half to express my feelings to him, and I failed (I was being too focused on the negative and being extremely critical because of my dad). One day we talked (i was convincing him to get back together), he said "I dont think we can work it out, I gave you a month and half to express your feelings and you couldn't. I don't know how you really feel or is it just because you don't want to lose me. I don't think I can do this right now. We are too different. I'm looking for true love and I don't know what you are looking for. Im exhausted and cried at work sometimes. And the only way to work it out is to stay friends because we've never been friends before.' And I agreed.

Now it has been 3 weeks, I was through all kinds of stages and I finally figure out how I feel about him- I love him. I've never contacted him since, neither did he. But my guts is telling me to contact him and go back to him and start fresh. Should I do it? What do you think? I need your opinion and help!!!


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  • You know its never too late to pour out your heart out. Don't say it face to face. Write up a latter. This will make two things possible you would express yourself in more better way and he would feel at least you TOOK a time to make it personal and it shows care.

    Secondly, don't worry about the end result. Let it be just played out. I know it may hurt you but at least you tried your best. Its extremely hard to ignore a letter and not getting any sort of the reply.

    Also don't forget to attached the thank you card for the shit he had to put up. Just thank him for giving you a fair chance.

    Say I am sorry and if you would like I would love to relive those... Moments with you.

    The most important thing if you can't figure out what to write in the letter or don't have more than two pages. You were never really attached to him emotionally. Emotions just flows through if you have had any.

    I hope this would help you to understand you more or what did you actually feel about the guy. Good luck! Don't be afraid just let it go honestly.


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