I told my ex I'm seeing someone and now he's super pissed? I really want guy's opinion?

So my ex and I were together 7 years. and This past may we broke up for a lot of outside reasons (parent's divorce) etc. and we maintained contact on and off i this time. mind you he's had a number of girls he's had flings with and if i even sounded a little jelous he got super repulsed. Well recently he called me and asked me to find some information about my university and he is thinking about attending in the fall. Well he blocked em from his phone which was super weird so I called from my email and then instead of calling he chose to FaceTime me. So we started off flirty and etc and I told him the dates and then he's like "can't we have a little screen funtime?" and recently I've been talking to this guy who wants a fair shake with me (even though i truly still love my ex) i told my ex no and that I wanted to be a straight shooter with this guy. He became silent. and like looked away from the screen and i kinda tried to change the subject but he just shut down. and finally I was like "ima let you go and maybe we will talk later or something" and then he's like "maybe,,," and hangs up. What do you guys think? I don't want to burn things between us bc he's said he wants me back but i told him when he comes to the university and we can be together.

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He sent me an email this morning reading "good luck with your new bf. hopefully he can give you the things that i couldn't. if you want to talk, reply to this email, i won't be calling or texting you anymore" what does this mean?


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  • I don't think you should mention any other relationships to your ex because obviously he wasn't going to react particularly well. I think deep down you mentioned it to see how he would react because you want to make him jealous or something. Also, if you truly love your ex why else would you be seeing this other guy?

    To be honest though you're not doing anything wrong, I think that's exactly how he's reacted though, he's probably jealous and in the moment just expressed it as anger, he will probably spend his time convincing himself to deal with it.

    Only warning is, if I was right and you do want to rekindle your relationship, you shouldn't do this for too long/much longer, or he'll eventually convince himself to move on from you and find someone else, this'll help him move on.

    If you are interested in this other guy, then you're actually helping the situation and I think you made a fairly good move, hopefully he won't stay angry long!

    Good luck!

    • we were best friends before we started dating. and being honest: i didn't want to have Skype sex with him bc it would've been unfair to the guy I'm seeing now. but it bothers me that he plays this card when he ran out and date tons of women and if i said a word he got weird about it. i do still love him very much and i think he loves me but I don't know how to give him an ultimatum of getting back together without him running off

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