Tell me about your "perfect date"?

Have you ever planned a perfect date?
Any good dates to remember? ...
Some dates you want to forget?
Do's and don't...
Tell me everything :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • my perfect date hmmmm... xD well first I would meet up with her to a restaurant we would talk and have a fun time then walk across the beach , sit somewhere and hangout by the shore , then her telling me some deep stuff and me just telling her some awesome stuff and her giving me the wanting to kiss eyes would just be so perfect , and that leading to some intense kissing then sex , best date


What Girls Said 1

  • we begin walking along a nature trail
    i save him from a mountain lion
    he is NOT emasculated by this
    we continue on the nature trail
    he saves me from a particularly aggressive centipede
    we continue walking along the nature trail
    we find a nice place to picnic
    he likes the sammiches i made
    i like the iced tea he "made"
    we continue walking along the nature trail
    we end up at some insane precipice!
    we are viscerally affected by the panoramic views!
    we feel alive!
    neither of us feel like pushing each other off said precipice
    we both know that this is true love

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