Why Do I attract older/adult men?

I'm 16. For some reason older guys are always deeply attracted to me. When I was fourteen my first real bf was 17. Then I got into social media and gave a few cute make followers my kik, finding one was 20 and the other 21. Even after I told them i was 16 they didn't care and all assume I'm the woman for them. Then when I was messing around on the hot or not app this 24 year old became a friend who was interested in me and tried to win me over with a promise ring!!! No lies! NONE! Then another kid I used to go to school with who is 19 like talked to me everyday, and told me how much he liked me and thought I was perfect and any guy is lucky to have me... The 24 year old told me that he wanted me because I'm beautiful, smart, and mature and that if he ever got married and had kids he could only see me playing that role... Am I just more charming to mature men? Boys my age think I'm uptight and bitchy but older guys see it differently

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  • They're probably attracted because of what you said it's your beauty. Some may find you attractive assuming your more mature. I have know girls your age that act extremely mature for their age. But the thing to remember and they should keep it in mind to is that you are 16 and while the one size fits all age law may not seem fair it is what it is and depending on what state you are in they could easily get a serious life long charge racked up against them by you being 16.

    • Isn't the age of consent, 16 though? I'm wondering

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    • We are both from CT

    • No not necessarily. The age of consent in Canada is 16 but the age of consent in the US is between 16 and 18 it just depends on what state you live in. The state you live in depending which one may be 16 but it could be 18 as well. Contrast that the US with Mexico the age of consent there is 12.

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  • Although I'm not attracted to you (not to imply you're unattractive), I could see why older guys are attracted to you.

    You have one of those faces, that just "looks" older... not in a less attractive way... just in a more mature way. You come off as more "serious" and "confident" and "composed."

    That's just how you look. I'm sure, based off of your profile picture, you also carry yourself "naturally" in a more naturally relaxed and genuine way, which is not something a lot of younger girls do... they're plagued with insecurities, and as Kurt Vonnegut put it: www.goodreads.com/.../13719-we-are-what-we-pretend-to-be-so-we-must

    Girls are so busy trying to pretend to be confident, serious, not insecure, not human, not emotional, in control, etc. etc. etc. in that age, that you really don't start seeing a girl starting to really be content with and accepting of (and then comfortable with) herself until she's around 25-26.

    So, it's definitely how you look (your face) and then it can also be how you are personality-wise when a guy has a chance to interact with you.

    • Well since you said my face specifically in your last few sentences, I'm a tiny girl, I'm skinny but curvy. I'm a skinny pear, hahaha. But I think you're spot on. Thanks for the answer.

  • I would say that you are pretty attractive to begin with.. no pedo, and that it could be the way you carry yourself as well. Maybe you're more mature than the other students in your grade.

    • I guess I carry myself pretty well, I don't really talk to people because I don't tolerate drama and disrespect. I'm also very well mannered. But I know how to have fun lol. My Instagram isn't loaded with half naked pics, like most females these days.. I just like to keep it classy and clean lol

    • Good for you, stay like that. Do well and school and you'll have a good life ahead of you.

  • I don't know, you are pretty, obviously too young for me to not feel weird being attracted to you. You do look older though. You've got a mature look I guess.

    So yeah, basically C

  • Girls mature faster and so would always prefer guys who are older and mature.


What Girls Said 2

  • happens to me as well. most are just pervs..

  • Oh girl... I was the same way. Make sure they aren't taking advantage of you. Because they'll try.


    • They haven't gotten the chance to reach that point

    • Good :) just be careful or whatever. Don't do anything you don't wanna do and dont believe anything they say until they out some action behind it :) and you're super pretty lol

    • Thanks haha :)

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