I like an exchange student?

I like this Colombian exchange student in my grade and im in grade 7. I like him and yesterday was a school dance so i slowdanced with him and he's so cute! He tried to smile but i could tell he was being awkward and at the end i hugged him really quick. He smiled before we slow danced but after he didnt.. Does he still like me? Im really scared because at the end we were at a ice cream store and he took pictures of a girl and that makes me really nervous... he's really cute today people asked me if i was dating him and i said no. he's getting chased by a bunch of girls at school and i dont like that. Its making me mad but he makes me smile so badly and he's gonna leave November 28th and im in love with him he's so handsome what am i suppost to do? He knows i like him but is he just not liking me after the dance? I've been super depressed since then and i literally want to kill all the girls.. What am i suppost to do?


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  • that's what happens when you go after the popular guy. deal with it or kill the competition.