Recently in contact AGAIN with this guy I casually dated for a few months, I ended it in May and then reached out a month ago: he like me or not?

Hi men out there, I'm seriousely very confused and would love men's feedback! I'm in my mid thirities. I recently started talking 'again' to this guy I dated casually for a few months last spring/winter. I ended it in late spring because he literally had NO time for a relationship. He was just getting divorced, has two kids, just trying to adapt to his new schedule, and works nights. NOw I know you are gonna say: 'if he was into me he would make it work right?" He would be into me and then I felt like he wouldn't be. He would text me sometimes every day or every couple of days and then nothing for a week! I ended it may saying we wanted different things and he 'agreed' and LET me go.
Out of curiosity and boredom with no luck finding anyone semi compatible with this summer: I texted hello about a month ago. Of course he responded right away, was nice, flirty and then HE asked me for breakfeast 'to exchange' dating horror stories. He paid, we talked/caught up for an hour and a half. It seemed like there was something still there, we hugged and he kissed me on the cheek. FYI: even when we were casually seeing each other his texts would never be consistent. After we met last week, I texted him a few hours later saying 'great seeing you, thanks again for brunch, we should do it again" he responds right away saying: "anytime, I enjoyed it, we should do it at least once a week". I said "sounds good"
That was 5 days ago so I reached out one more time today saying "hey hows your week going? Do you want to get breakfeast one day this weekend?" He responds right away saying "I can't this weekend, I have plans with my sons" All I said after that was, "oh cute, have a good time!" and then I got nothing back.
Now I question is: IF HE IS NOT INTO ME AT ALL, or if I'm his backup, then I want to know and he should just tell me upfront right? I am not intitiating EVER again today was my final contact. Does he like me or just wasting my time?

  • Do I forget about him all together?
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  • Does he want to see where this goes or just wasting my time?
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  • Does he just see/text me back out of boredom?
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  • I say see where it goes. I am assuming you have not had sex with him yet? Play it by ear and stay flexible... you never know.

    • you are correct we have not slept together... do you think he is just playing games though? or does he want to see what happens?

    • I think he wants to see what happens and you should also

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