Ever kissed a friend and had it mean nothing?

My guy friend and I were out at a bar last night and some guy in the bar would not leave me alone. I told my friend to pretend like he was my boyfriend for a minute or two to make the annoying guy think I was taken and then go away. Anyway, while pretending to be a couple my friend and I ended up kissing which was surprising to me because my friend made it clear he just wants to be friends.

So my question is, have you ever kissed a friend and not have it mean that you like him/her (I mean a real kiss not just a peck)?


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  • I have kissed someone and it meant nothing, felt nothing, and I thought "oh it's been so long" and "this will be nice" and I was so dissapointed...but I did like the person, it's just I think they didn't put enough into it...:(

  • Yes, usually because we were bored. No biggie.

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