Can I have some advice about my ignoring gf?

Ok so me and my gf been dating for 4 months now and all went fine until she went to this event that is like a cultural fest, i trust her that she isn't cheating, because mostly. Just older men/women there. She will be there for a week, Saturday beeing the last day. She already told me thay she won't be able to communicate with me due to:
1: she has no phone
2: she only has internet at her aunts place.

She gets only at evenings, and when i tried to talk to her. She ignored me completly whyle she did read it (fb messenger).
The next day i tried again, this time we did talk for like 5 min. Telling me she was edgy.
Next 2 days i told her nothing but she did leave me a i love you and i miss you.
And today she called me by my name, i replied but she read it and left without sauing anything... this never happened before and i am going crazy. Can some1 explain what she is doing?
thanks in advance

She has internet in the evening because she stays at her cousins. And the night ahe told me she was edgy. I told her that i love her and she can speak whenever she wants with me and left it at that


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  • I have no idea what she is doing. What I do know is she could be busy with her cousins, but she should be telling you when she is leaving to do something with her family. You could tell her it's bothering you, but I don't know how she'll respond when you are so far away. I don't know what her normal behavior is like.


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