HELP!! The guy I've been talking to has a side chick?

I have been talking to this guy for about 2 months and a couple weeks ago I was talking to one of his girl friends to whom I have became pretty good friends with. She told me about how the guy I've have a thing with was going to help her get alcohol and they were going to drink with a group of friends the next day. When I asked how they were even going to get the alcohol she told me that his "nice young lady on the side" was going to buy it for her. So my question is: Is he currently sleeping with someone? I plan to ask him before we have sex how many girls he has slept with and then go into how long ago his last hookup was and if he has ever gone to the clinic to get tested. I don't want to straight up ask him if he has a side chick since we are not yet dating.


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  • "Nice young lady on the side" can mean anyone. If you think about it, you're the side chick too if this chick is someone he's with. You guys aren't even dating. Just ask him if he's with anyone..

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