How does a guy make me feel worthless?

This guy basically I let him talk to me however he wants (idk why). He wanted to do stuff with me and he has a gf. Just from learning experience he was SO confident around me, I didn't understand what gave him the right to talk to me the way he did. He made me feel like I couldn't stand up for myself. I'm a cheerleader too so, its not like I'm shy and stuff. I can be, around him I am.
He plays lacrosse and I manage so I see him a lot in the spring and he's gonna say stuff to me during the season he can't help it. How do I handle this situation in the future? And why did he feel so confident around me?


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  • If he does not stop I will tell you a hard kick to the crotch will solve this jerk. Honestly this is not right, to talk down to a girl or make her feel bad about herself that in not ok. I seriously think that if this guy is bothering you first tell him that he can not do that, stand up for yourself, then if it happens again kick him in the crotch as hard as you can. I am not kidding he will be mad but he deserves it for what he is doing to you. While he is bent over holding his balls say something like "I can not tolerate this kind of disrespect" Or better yet since you are a cheerleader you can probably have a football player sternly talk to him about this.

    He most likely feels this way around you because he wants to impress the girls around you, or you. It is a guys instinct to act more confident around pretty girls so he has more of a "chance". I don't know how true that chance is but guys do it anyways.


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  • Frankly speaking no buy could ever succeed in making any woman and including u making a woman worthless for the simple reason no man could prolong for long without the smell of a woman

  • The reason you are drawn to him is his confidence, and him treating you that way is part of his allure for you. I know that sounds crazy f=but it's true of a lot of women. Don't let him get away with it. Ignore him and when he says mean things to you tell him to fuck off. You deserve better.

    Don't enable jerks.

    • I don't know where that f= came from. Oh well...

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