I wonder if this guys has a crush on me. How would I know?

I wonder if this guys has a crush on me. How would i know? He calls me baby and admit that im his.. hehe he gets jealous.. he always meet me. Spend quality time with me.. so i wanna know if he haa a crush on me? Or he has feelings for me. How can i know by the way a guy reacts?


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  • Yes. He has crush on you, but the little problem he is being nice and available (always meet you).

    • Yes. He always make time for me. Just dat , im waiting for the day when he is gonna confess to me or tell me that he likes me cus i do like him.. i've contacting ans goinf out with him for 9 months

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    • Haha. He might be insecure a little bit, OR try to know where he's standing in your heart.
      Ya, he LIKES YOU.
      Girl... I have repeated 3 times, HE LIKES YOU! :)

    • Yaaaa his standing in the middle of my heart. Haha!!! I mean like his my baby and im his tho. Oh my gawd!! Okay2 he LIKES ME !!! . Thanks dude 😄😄😄

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  • Yes he does.

    • If he does then why he has not confess to me or tell me. I've been with him for 9 wonderful months dating him..

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    • Yeahh i know that thanka for yoour opinion. Im jist waitinf dmfor his confession. Cus i dont wanna wait and be clueless if he wanta to be in r/s with me or jist maintain our dating status

    • And we oreadi make love...(sex)

  • you will know very soon once he purposed you then you will lol

    • But he hasnt... there's no confession from him.. its been 9 months. Lalalalaka

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    • Scared it too early? Im scared maybe he have no feelings on me..

    • you can ask him clearly...

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