Why are guys so mean to me cuz I'm pretty?

I'm always single. No matter what. But I'm beautiful kind sweet compassionate. A good person. I used to model so I'm gorgeous or was trying to. However strangely men just hate me. They're either threatened by me or mean to me why is this? I'm in my 30s now and don't even care. I've been on 100s of dates usually the males r mean to me. Recently a guy at a concert I went with was acting crazy rude. I texted him asking him why he was so rude to me. He said sorry I got nervous I didn't know you'd be so good looking. Nervous tick. Despite men being attracted to me all they do is put me down or dominate me that's it. Recently a friend of mine began asking bizarre sexual opinions just trying to dominate control me. All men just want to dominate n control me and abuse me. Essentially for being beautiful I get treated like a punching bag by 99 percent of men. What is someone supposed to do if the male race hates them for being beautiful? Recently a walmart worker hit on me he was 21. I'm in my 30s. He was shocked n said no way and there's no way u shud be single you're too pretty. It doesn't matter I'm always single and men hate me. It seems like as long as I'm attractive men will try to dominate me. Is there a place where normal men exist who like pretty and hot women? I'm scared of men because of their backwards and crazy reactions to me.

It's not fair to me that men hate me for my looks and literally abuse me and give me no power. Their thinking is somewhere along the lines of she's so hot screw her she gets anything she wants so I'll treat her like dirt. I get abused 247 treated
Also men mock me too. Any guy that comes in my presence has like 100 bad reactions to me. Only the players like the. 21 yr old kid ask me out. Most men hate me cuz I make them feel this way since I'm pretty. I literally hide from men now cuz they


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  • Just reading your question makes me want to be mean to you. The feelings showed up after I got done reading "sweet, compassionate, good person, gorgeous."

    Like everyone, you are aware of your positive characteristics. We all have positive characteristics, though which they are may vary from person to person. The thing is, I try - and most likeable people I think also try - to never point them out or act like you know them (even if you really do).

    Appear shocked if someone says you are pretty, even if its blatantly obvious to yourself. When someone is moved by your compassion and comments on it, just tell them thanks for the encouragement or something like that.

    No matter what the gender, if a person points out their own positive characteristics it will 999 out of 1,000 times come across as stuck-up and unlikeable. One of those exceptions will be, for example, your own mother or possibly a family member, who deeply loves you as you are and knows those things about you. Outside that sphere though, people won't see it the same way.

    • Well you're a very hateful mean person and u describe most men todsy. Sociopathic. Anyone who wants to be mean to someone based on a description of positive characteristics has issues. Your evil makes me want to kick u in the groin. I seriously hope disgusting trash like u doesn't breed

    • I don't think I need to say anything else on this issue. You have said enough =-)

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  • If all you're catching is shitty men, the problem is the bait, not the catch.

    • The reason you can't attract a good man is now all too clear.

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    • @rthomas43

      You should see the repsonse I got =-)

    • Seems like this question answered itself pretty quickly.

  • You are probably wearing too much makeup and are sending the wrong message. I guess you could try dressing a slight bit more conservatively.

    • I don't wear make up or dress provocative. That's an absurd assumption. Any men with brains here

    • Well, that's problematic, as that was my primary guess. In that case, you're seriously looking for people in the wrong places.

  • I understand your problem. This is how i analysed your situation. But firstly STOP LASHING OUT YOUR ANGER ON MEN HERE okay?
    Look you are very beautiful and it's good. But let me tell you the desirable shy guys would never approach you because out of every 10 guys 8 will at least think that you are taken.
    According to observation, hot chix are usually high maintenance and expensive. For most guys, they think a hot chick is made for rich cocky guys and will never give chance or probably get friendzoned considering the normal lifestyle they live.
    Most attractive women or models/ aspiring actresses generally tends to be promiscuous cause they generally receive lot of attention from guys. Hence simple guys are insecure and finds it risky to have relationship with such women.
    So these desirable guys are never approaching you.
    The guys who actually approached you are 99% of times cocky men who are confident plus are capable of holding attention of women towards them ( women find bad guys attractive and i am not generalising at all). Most of them just approach you for sex and when the work is done they leave or start abusing you.
    Also, you are 30, so finding a descent guy for yourself of your age has now become little tougher cause most of them might have settled with marriage.
    The guys show dominance over you because many guys have wrong idea about displaying dominance on women to control her ( bad guys theory). Hence they abuse you.
    I understand your dilemma. But i think you can get a guy of your choice.

  • O. o OK wow, you sold yourself well so it does sound crazy. I must ask where you finding all these guys, if you say "He said sorry I got nervous I didn't know you'd be so good looking." How didn't he know how you looked are you online dating as there are more weirdo's on that site than there are normal guys! If you want to use some sort of aid, probably best to use a more up market dating agency as they will be able to find you strong potential matches. Though I cannot imagine ever being rude to a girl just because she's good looking, sounds weird. How does your personality come across? (ask someone else, as we can never describe ourselves)

  • There can many reasons.

    1. Intimidated by your beauty, avoid men who are threatened by your beauty.
    2. You may have a condescending attitude, try changing that
    3. Try smiling more, this shows that you are a nice, generous, approachable person.
    4. Try to be a little more cheerful and funny, guys like girls who can be funny, cheerful, good to hangout with.
    5. Dont go after the hottest, player, macho type guys. Try giving nice simple guys a chance, you'll love them.
    Try following the above 5 steps, I'm sure you'll see results.

  • If you really are exceptionally good looking, you will make men feel insecure, resulting in a more agressive (actually defensive) attitude and a higher percentage of self-absorbed douchebags among those who dare approach you at all.

    ALL of them though? That sounds a bit too much.

  • Yes! In the first I do appreciate u for your being compassionate and reasonable too. But my dear woman your beauty and soft and kind attitude may not last long after all ls it not a fact even a mountain of treasure would get itself diminished in course of time? Please try to have the company of a guy who cherish some basic element of human bondage Difficult but not impossible

  • Relax. Why do you think it is your beauty that makes men treat you badly. What is your personality like?

    • I think I have made my point, especially by looking at these other comments. I suggest working on your personality.

  • Can you please try again without so many words? This is unreadable


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  • I'm not sure what's the issue here, maybe you need to go out more and meet more people, probably you are not their preference? you will find someone who likes the way you are. I'm hard to believe that guys in 30s can be mean to a girl just because she is pretty.

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