Guys do you find girls give you more attention when you give them less?

Am I the only one who notices this. If you take a step back and actually not give the girl you like much attention, they will give you more attention and actually initiate things with you and try to impress you more?


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  • Oh my goodness no, please don't do that. That's a horrible game to play if you want a girl to give you more attention. If she is genuinely into you (and doesn't just wanna take you along for a ride), she'll be very disappointed and put-off if you take a step back and don't give her that much attention. Conversely, if a guy I like gives me attention, that lets me know that he's into me and if I like him back I'll reciprocate the attention, and more.

    Don't play games if you're a decent guy and want to find a girl who won't mess with your head as well.

  • Learn it. Analyze it and Accept it. Just put it like this. B likes us but we dont like b. but then I heard b likes this other girl... I put a little effort in getting him back. Its kinda like that. We may or may not like you but we have this pride shit that even we sometimes cannot understand.


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