On & off again relationships?

My friends is back with he's ex, who he's been on & off with for a year. I don't know the details about why they'd break up or how many times they've breaken up.
He's 22, with 2 child's & she's almost 22. They've known each other for almost 3 years.
I personally don't think on & off relationships ever work out. But I do want him to be happy. What are other's people's opinions? Can on & off relationships ever work out & break the cycle of being on & off?


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  • In My Opinion No, me and My Boyfriend Are Sometimes On And Off. I Think One Day Its Gonna Get To The Point That Were Done For Good. Honestly, I Dont Think Having An Off And On Relationship is Healthy.

    • Not to be rude but why to you stay in the relationship? Like why do you keep going back to him?

    • Thats What I Ask Myself... I Dont know How To Left Go. -Shrugs-

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