She gave me her number then thats what happened? Does she want me to stop talking? Would a girl please explain this?

I went to her regarding work , she was so friendly she even told me that she rememeber me , she was talking about everything she even showed me her paintings , she asked me if i have Twitter because she said she always on Twitter i said no i have whatsapp , anyway by the end she gave me her number she said its her personal number and she forgot her personal phone at home , then i messages her saying its me she replaied at night saying its nice to have me at whatsapp i told tou must be really busy at college and i put a smily face she never replaied then at my graduation she sent to me i will try my best to come of not im truly sorry congratulations my dearest because i invited her when we talked regarding workd , anyway i said its okay thank you so much , its all through whats app but she seemed out if reach i dont know if she doesn't want to talk or she hate whatsapp ir she wants me to call her i dont understand but i really liked it when qe talked in reality but im not sure now why she gave me her number is ut inky to be feiends thats why she diesnt reply right away and ignore me or what? Could a girl please explain this?


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  • One she might be ignoring because she is afraid if getting hurt , she might be think oh does he really like me these way , sometimes when we do that we shy away from the guy we like afraid you guys well break are hearts. I have had my heart trampled on by guys at my work that I thought they would be great boyfriend material. I still get emotional thinking about those guys.

  • I can't tell from just this... But i think she might interested in you. That's why she gave you have her number at first place... I suggest you to ask her out for a coffee or sth... Just try to meet her in person not just text...


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