Men: How would you want to find this out about a woman?

Do you like a woman to be upfront and honest instead of misleading and deceptive?

How would you like to find out that a woman is Bi-Polar?

Would you judge her & walk away?

Would you do research if you didn't know all about it?

Would you take her for who and what she is, with all of her flaws, knowing that she can be honest from the get go?

How would you really feel about this?

Please give some feedback. Thank you!


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  • I think my experience with bipolar people would probably turn me away from dating a girl who was bipolar.

  • My brother just got dumped by a girl who's bi-polar, but I'll try not to be biased...

    As long as this girl takes medication and wouldn't try to stab him ( awkward silence here...) then as long as the girl is herself, or who she wants to be, then the guy should have no problem with her. He would have to be extremely patient with some things about her, so the girl would be better off going for a nice guy :D


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