WHAT DO I DO? He asked me out?

Ok well this guy asked me out and were friends and he made it obvious that he liked me. Cause he would always flirt with me. So he asked me out, and I really like him, but I just wanna focus on school so I said no. I feel really really bad and I don't know what to do when I see him on Monday. I want to tell him im sorry and I like him but don't wanna go out, but how do I say explain that to him in a non awkward way? HELP!!!


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  • Tell him exactly what you said here. You'd like to go out but you need to focus on school. Although I don't understand why you can't do both?


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  • Dude, say yes. School is fucking overrated. Okay, well, even if you really don't have that much time, it could still be worth it. I'm sure you have time on the weekends... if not, then make time. Maybe school isn't completely overrated, but grades are, and studying often is. Please take time away from school for your personal life, you should be able to have fun while you can.

    Of course, if you really really don't want to stop studying 24/7 and losing hair because of stress, then just explain to him like you explained to us. But let him know you still like him.

    Regardless, I'm sure you can find time for just one date.

    • Well I actually wanna do good in school. Plus its not like were gonna get married. And thx.

    • Yes it is you're totally gonna get married. Just make room for ONE date.

    • Well were not gonna married plus he's sorta a player and I just don't think it would work out

  • Just tell him that then. Tell him that you like him and that you just don't think it's a good time to start dating yet.

  • Smart girl, focus on school.

  • We'll understand that you can't. We won't like it, and we may move on but, we'll understand it. Just tell him that you don't want to date right now, that you're having a hard time with school and just want to pay attention to it

    • Oh well ok thanks

    • Men want the truth. Just like women, we respect you more for it, even if the truth hurts

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