He promises not to take my innocence, but I kinda want him to.. (kissing, making out, etc.)

I am 18 and I have decided that I really don't want anything before marriage. The guy that I am talking to knows this and promised not to take my innocence from me, but I don't want him to think that I will only hold hands or something. I really want the amazing first kiss and the make out sessions and all of that. How do I let him know without telling him. I really don't wanna admit my feelings to him JUST yet, because I have gotten burned so many times before.


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  • Work on making him your boyfriend before you think about messing around with him. There is a certain order to things.

    • Ok... help! ha... never had a boyfriend and really like this guy. We always flirt and have even set dates but I am just waiting for something to backfire. how do I keep it from doing that?

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    • No, if he's a good guy he'll want to keep you innocent but he'll still want you. And if you have a moment of weakness at the wrong time, don't expect a guy to be the one to stop.

    • Thank you! I love the honesty!

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