Indian guys: interracial dating?

I'm primarily interested in thoughts from Indian men. What are your thoughts on interracial dating? I feel like people from this particular culture are pressured to date their own.

I met someone who's interested in me but I'm scared to open up to him because I'm afraid that he might just use me "for fun". I'm Chinese/Vietnamese.


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  • I apologize for butting in when I am not Indian, but I have a very large Indian population at my college and I have male Indian friends. A large percentage of them are dating women outside of their race.

    To be blunt, your answer depends on how "Americanized" he is. I am not trying to generalize even though I am technically doing just that. It seems to me that, Americanized Indians tend to be more open minded about interracial dating than Indians who have just came to the U. S.

    You don't need to open up to any guy right away regardless of race. just get to know them, you'll be able to tell if he is "genuine" or not if you get to know him well enough, good luck, : )

    • Thanks for your input :). You're right about how Americanized he is.

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  • I am Indian and I think if you can get along and be happy together, it is fine.

    • Thanks for your input.

  • I am an Indian guy and to answer your question honestly I would say it depends on how Indian he is. If he usually hangs out with Indian guys and eat Indian food, then you know that he is not gonna marry a non-indian girl. Also if he introduces you to his friends (both guys and girls) then he is serious about you.

    • Thanks for your input. This guy told me he's brought non-Indian girls home before and that his parents don't care who he dates. I guess I should trust what he says unless I have a way to prove otherwise. But another reason why I'm hesitant is that he usually talks about sex. He tells me that he doesn't want a sex buddy but it's hard to believe him when that's all he can talk about.

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