So, what do I do now?

I'm completely in love with this guy. He's a year older, but we go to the same school. Now, here's the deal: I am one of the guys. They all treat me like I was one of them, we joke around and we go partying together, but this guy, let's call him Nick, is a new addiction. Everyone loves him. There's pretty much hundreds of girls who are in love with him, and he knows that, but... he's just so cool, you know? He doens't really care, he's just living his life.
A couple of months ago we had lunch together with some friends and we talked during the afternoon, then another day we studied together and then we talked in rare occasions. But then I didn't talk with him for 4 months.
Today I was doing an exam, just an ordinary one, not really for school. Is hard to explain. But just a little bit of the students go, because is so early and it's saturday. We both went, so after I was done, I waited for him. I was shaking, I really was. But when we started talking, everything was so cool. We talked about school, music, bands and peoplw in general. Then, when we left, he kissed me behind my ear, and I melted. We parted ways but we both looked back and smiled at each other.
At night, we were in a party and he saw me, he smiled and said "heeeeey!" And hugged me, kissing behind my ear again. I didn't really talked to him after that. But when we were going to another party-thing, 5 girls asked him to go with them, and I swear he was poiting at me when they were talking. He didn't go with them.
Now, I don't think he loves me or anything like that. I'm too ordinary for him, and there's too much competition. But what should I do now? I don't want to be needy or anything like that.
I really like them, guys :/


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  • Keep doing what you're doing. Sounds like you're on track.

  • Man, wish I could be him, girls always go for the popular assholes hat everybody loves, screw all the average or even lonely guys (not even talking about looks, cuz I'm attractive).

    Um, so, how do you get a douchebag to like you? I don't know, promise him... things? Of course, he'll discard you afterwards, but hey, you chose to chase after a dick.

    • You did read that, right? He's not a dick, he's one of the most amazing guys that I've ever met. He knows that a lot of girls like him, but he doesn't go around screwing them. He had a girlfriend for most of the time I know him, I think they broke up 3 months ago.
      Not all popular guys are assholes. And not every girl likes them. This guy is not perfect, he doens't have the right look, he's just happy. Really, if you focus on why girls like assholes and keep hating this fact, you'll be the asshole.
      It's not about being popular, mate, it's about confidence.

    • Too late for me, in that case. Girls already f*cked up any confidence I could possibly have! and since I'm not a full blown narcissist, nor do I have any actually f*cking positive experiences with girls! could I possibly have any confidence. I'm sick of the fact that a girl could be sick, twisted, suicidal, or extremely introverted and get a boyfriend, yet a guy has to have confidence despite accomplishing jack sh*t in life and having bad experiences! just to get a date.

      I don't care, I still can't think highly of him or anyone that gets what they don't even deserve, I'll admit, maybe I am an asshole, but at least I have a reason to be.

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