Worst first date? details?

what's the story of your worst first date?


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  • Went on a "date" or at least I thought it was a date. I got the girl a rose cause I'm a sap like that and she thanked me. We talk in the car and it seems normal. Get to the restaurant and place an order. Everything's good so far. All of a sudden, I am now seated and stuck here as she lists of guys she's done and if they were good or too big and all this stuff. I'm getting bright red trying to remain calm and not freak out. She insists on telling me to never do friends with benefits and I just nod in agreement. She continues to talk. Meanwhile, here I am, sitting across from her, being a virgin and never having done anything sexual, turning redder than a tomato. She finally stops and we continue. I pull up to her house, offer to walk her up and she declines. I go in for a quick kiss (nothing serious) and she moves out of the way so I end up hitting her in the face. She just gives me a hug and says thanks. Walking up to the door she dropped the rose. I'm just sitting in my car wondering wtf just happened...


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  • I went on a date once where only one of us (me) thought it was a date. After she kept talking about guys she was interested in I was like "what the fuck, you're on a date with me and you're talking about this crap?"
    And she said, "I thought we were just meeting as friends" and I said "do you think i would've dressed up like this and taken you to this fancy restaurant if I wanted to just be friends?, are you out of your fucking mind?"

    This was at the top of my voice in a crowded popular night restaurant. In hindsight it would've been pretty funny to see but I was pissed off that night.
    We don't talk anymore, never got anything out of her in fact, one of the few.

    • Yep she's out of her mind all right!

  • Ahh... My first date... I will never forget it for it was my worst! I was 14 and she was 13. Her name was jordan and we went to a school-sponsered carnival called the tamarack carnival and her mother chaperoned... Well, my dates mother started bothering her over her collage savings saying she wanted like a few hundred from it and stuff, thus ending up into an arguement, thus ending up with her crying and on top of that she accused me of hitting on her friends boyfriend? like wtf WORST DATE EVAR.

  • Very simple: she brought her mother to it. I had 1 flower for her (a poppy). It was really bad. I just gave her the flower and left.


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