What is the most random date you ever had?

I once asked a girl out for lunch. When we met up, she asked me if I wanted to try blood donation. I was like okay that's really random, but sure, let's find a day to do that. And she was like, no I mean now. Today.

I was pretty stunned, but more than that I'd never donated before and was honestly kinda scared. But not like I can refuse so I just put on a brave front and said yes.

So that's my random date. :) What's yours? Hoping to hear some interesting stories too.

Oh and when we went in, the blood test returned that she had low iron count so couldn't donate. And I'm like okay crap, I'm going in alone, and she was like, hehe good luck ;).
I picked lovemeforme1's answer because it had a really awesome and romantic ending which literally came out of nowwhere, you wouldn't have expected an innoculous camping trip to turn out that way!


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  • ok so one my boy friend not bf called me up asking whether I could join him for this camping tour with all my friends... so I was like ya sure! next day only I had turned up for the bus n his friends had supposedly left like mine!! lol spent a romantic night by the camp fire... he is my bf now...

    • o. o that is so insanely coincidental! It's amazing how sometimes a random decision can totally open you up to something so wonderful. :) I'm really happy for you two.

    • thanks for the MH!!

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  • I went to a church luncheon after studying with a dude I was dating. Doesn't seem that unusual except I'm kind of a staunch atheist. I accidentally ended up offending a bunch of people during the bible discussion thing, luckily he wasn't mad and he actually felt bad for ME surprisingly, but we didn't date for very long after that.

    • lol yea. I'm an atheist too. And that's why I'm always a bit wary when I attend my friend's church events. Such a minefield. I don't think I can date someone who is pretty involved in religious activities as well.

  • Doesn't really qualify as a date I guss, but I made out with a guy in a hippo.


    This kinda thing. It was pretty cool XD

  • Lol. Omg she left you to donate by yourself? Uncool haha. I haven't been on any fares weight of funny mention :) i like yours tho.

    • dates worth of a funny mention*

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    • And anyway it would be totally unmanly of me to back out just because she wasn't accompanying me in ;)

    • Lol, so manly haha.. glad she didn't leave you lol. I wouldve been gone so fast haha jk jk

  • A friend of mine asked me out, and we ended up helping his baby sister's science project together lol but it was fun kind of :P

    • lol so you guys went out trying to go somewhere, but ended up heading to his house to do the science project?

    • yep lol with his baby sister haha three of us overnight

    • lol cool. scored a sleepover (is that what it is haha)

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