Have I been freind zoned by a girl who seemed to like me a year ago, trying to meet up but she keeps making excuses thinking of giving up on trying?

Ok so i just came out of a two year relationship, i met this girl and my former gf around the same time, i approached this girl and a festival got her number and we began speaking, round this time i met my girlfriend aswell so nothing materialised with the girl because i now had a gf.

Anyway we speak on and of but she seems to really like me, she was talking about inviting me to her house, sending me pictures of her all dressed up etc you know the usual stuff girls do right, she kept wanting to meet up aswell whenever she was in my town which was rarely but i declined all those advances because i had a girlfriend. Her friend told me she liked me aswell and invited me out to dinner with them but i didn't go out of respect for my girlfriend. She didn't know i had a girlfriend by the way we didn't speak that much or that deeply for it to come up really, anyway it eventually came up and a i told her and she was cool about it no jealousy or anything like that.

We got a period of like 5 months without speaking just generally we had no issue it was just that we didn't speak that often, me and my ex just broke up so i message her to see how she is, she's cool we start talking it's been like a month now, everytime i mention meeting up or going cinema she doesn't really seem keen and doesn't respond. We have been talking quite regularly so i just thought it was nothing we call eachother and speak aswell and she tells me about dates she's been on, which is cool because she used to do that when she liked me aswell so i don't think that means i'm friend zoned. But this week i just straight up said cinema on Wednesday right and she's like she can't do it because she's got a dinner so i'm like free any other day and she's like nope i will have to wait till christmas.

She said Christmas because i leave town next week until Christmas for uni, should i just stop trying she seems to be making excuses, she wanted to use my university house next month... CONTINUED.

... for a concert she is going to in my city, she wants to stay over and i was meant to go to, i only really wanted her to come and stay if we were like dating not if i've been friend zoned, so i don't even want her to stay am i overreacting?


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  • She just wants a free overnight stay. sorry.


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