Is he trying to slow things down or has he lost interest? Did we have sex too soon so he lost interest?

I met a guy online. We chatted for a bit before exchanging numbers. I agreed to a date when he asked.
The first date went really well not awkward for the most part, good conversation and a lot of sexual chemistry.
We wound up in his car and shared a very passionate kiss and some groping. Second date went just as well and resulted in more kissing and some "hand stuff".
Third date went well too and we wound up at his place and had amazing sex for hours. He never pushed anything sexual and said he didn't plan on it (neither did I) happening that night. His apartment was messy, had to go to his car for condoms etc. so I do believe him when he says this.
We both had work early shifts the next morning (5-6am shifts) so he drove me home that night after spooning and talking for hours.
He texted me the following morning to see that I was ok for work. We chatted a bit then I heard from him that night. He hinted at seeing me but I had a friends bday dinner and friends down from another city so I couldn't. I text him that night telling him to have fun at a car event he was attending the following day.
We had no contact that day. Which was ok as he was out with mates and I didn't want to bother him.
The day after I texted him as asked how the show went. He replied straight away and we chatted a bit and arranged a date that night.
The date was luke warm to say the least, he kept his hands to himself (unlike previous dates) and dropped me straight home afterwards. We hugged for a bit and had kissed a little. I checked his online profile. We both disabled/hide our accounts after the first date and his had been activated that morning.
So what I am asking is, has he lost interest in me after the sex? If so then why go out again? Especially doing so and not trying anything?
I like this guy is there anyway I can do something or am I just looking into things too much?


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  • I unfourtenently think you gave it up to soon. Online dating is a horrible world... That's what most of these guys are looking for. Been in your spot darling and the best thing is to delete him from your phone and move forward with your head held high. He isn't worth it and the right guy will come along who will give you the attention you deserve.

    • Thanks. Do you think it's worth asking him about the account activation thing?

  • I'm not that good in dating and knowing what guys want or think, but if I were you I would contact him and ask him out. Then you will find out if you moved too fast or not. :)

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