I was seeing this guy who got engaged yesterday? I am shocked, can someone relate to this?

I was seeing this guy for about 2 months and everything seemed good then one night we talked dirty to each other on the phone and the next day on he started ignoring me.. i didn't bother to text him much but after a week he came back and apologized and said he felt disrespect for me talking that way. We started talking again as good people and suddenly one day he sends me a pic of him naked and i was just shocked coz he was being an hypocrite we got into a small argument again and i called him a psycho. We completely stopped talking. Its been 15 days since we didn't contact i go on Facebook yesterday and saw his engagement pic! I am completely shocked and now he blocked me everywhere! what the fuck? like seriously? i am so shocked! 15 days ago we were talking fine and wow i have no words now! can someone relate? what the heck was all that? i am so confused?

I m really going crazy this girl and me have no mutual friends! wtf where did she come from? can someone say something:( this is so hurtful!


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  • Yes I can definitely relate. This guy led me on , we spoke whilst he was seeing this girl behind my back... then found out on Facebook he was engaged.
    he's just a selfish player, that's all it is. He was keeping his options opened, he has no respect.
    But be thankful that your not the one engaged to him, because he could do the same to you with other girls. That's the way I see it.

    • 15 days!!! wow i am just so shocked! i cannot trust guys anymore! wonder how many girls he did that with!

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  • You hadn't been talking for 15 days, what does it matter to you now?

    Anyway first he was 'dating', a lot of people see that as not having to be committed to ONE partner. That comes when you are engaged/married.

    • so that means he has been talking to this girl while he was talking to me?

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    • yeah but still we were seeing each other! and i thought he would come back! wtf this is so messed up!

    • I am sorry about that. But thank god you didn't have a longer relationship then!

      And take it as harsh learning moment. Stuff like this happens to us all at some point.

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  • Some men always need attention. His girlfriend has always been there he just never mentioned her or put his relationship out there. He sounds like a pathological sex fiend. Like he just can't stop talking to other women. He is a jerk and he did you a favor by showing you his true colors. You dodged a bullet, be lucky you never had sex with this guy

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