Do you always respond back when you are on facebook?

Just a question, sometimes my gf doesn't respond to fb messages that i sent to her when she was online.

obviously i saw her online for 5 minutes but just didn't respond...

so my question to my dear gags. do you?
Both men and women!


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  • I do not always respond back when Im very busy. My phone shows that I am online in Facebook when I am actually not in facebook. If you are important to him, then she will respind sooner or later. :) It can be that she is talking with aomebody and needed to check something from FB. Do not take it personally when she doesn't respond that fast. Maybe she has stuff to do. Just trust her that she wants to be with you and she will respond a bit later.


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  • I don't respond if I am busy or not in the mood to. But even when I left my Facebook chat open, it showed that I was online the whole night, when I was clearly sleeping lol. So for those minutes that you saw her online, maybe she wasn't or she had to do something quick and log off. :) Don't worry :)


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