Why do guys think this?

I am a creative writer and although I have not had anything published as yet, I do intend to.

I have found that guys I have been on dates with and decided not to see them again after a couple of dates (because I do not think we have enough in common, etc) always make the same comments:

1. I suppose I might find myself in one of your books?

2. Good luck with your writing, will you be writing about me?

3. Perhaps I'll find myself in one of your books?

4. So will you be writing about our dates?

Why do guys think that I would be putting them in my books in the first place? Do they feel they deserve to be in there? Considering I have only been on no more than 3 dates with any of them (sometimes due to their dumping) why do they think a writer will write about them?

Are these guys full of themselves? Or are they taking a last swipe at me via my writing? I find it quite amazing considering my creative writing is never about dating - far from it - but mystery/crime thrillers.

Any ideas?


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  • Those guys are just full of themselves.


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