Am I being verbally/emotionally abused by my boyfriend?

My boyfriend calls me names and puts me down almost everyday.
I'm even scared to express my feelings towards him because I really dont know how he would react to what I have to say to him.
There was a few times when he called me crazy.
He finds reasons to argue with me. When I didn't want to have sex with him he got really mad at me because I had sex before.
He makes me feel insecure about myself by saying I'm the most negative girlfriend he has ever dated.
He compared me to his exes and told me that they were better than I was when it came to turning him on or that they were better than me at kissing.
When we couldn't have sex he found a way to get really mad at me about my PAST and told me to get out of his car and I was half naked and he told me I should just get dressed outside and then threw my shoes out of his car.

Are those signs of verbal/emotional abuse?


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  • If you have to ask anybody else its probably true. Look, you need to respect yourself enough to see that this guy is no good. Dont settle with some clueless horny guy. Break with this guy. Your holding back what you really feel, dont.

  • It sounds like he really just wants to have sex and you want something a little more meaningful. That's why he is saying all this crap so you will sleep with him.


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  • Why are you still with him?

  • Leave him. You won't be able to change him. Please just leave him honey. This sounds like my mom and dad before they got married and now they're married and it got worse. Please just dump that asshole.

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