Tinder Date tonight?

Alright so tonight I have a date with this girl I met on Tinder. Her and I share the same interests, conversation flowed nicely, then things started getting very graphic and sexual. She sent a few pictures and videos, all in all a fun time, just shocked since we haven't "met" yet. She wants to go grab coffee then come over and hang out at my place today and I'm not sure what's gonna happen. Think it's safe to just go with the flow and see what happens? I mean she's a little freak via text but I'm not the type of guy to just hook up with a chick on a first date.


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  • Lol, well sounds like she's up for hooking up if you want to. I would just go with the flow, yeah. Have fun!

    • Well, it went well.. Ended up fooling around in the car after talking and hanging out for a few hours.

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  • Hook up but make sure you go to the doctor and get checked for STDs. Who knows what girls like that carry ewwww


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