Any tips how can I be better at kissing.

Any tips how can I be better at kissing. I'm not bad I wanna be better at kissing,Any tips thanks


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  • A few tips that you should always remember is just to be soft and move slowly

    relax don't try to hard because that never turns out right just relax and every thing

    will go smoothly.

  • Kiss the person how you would want to be kissed, pretty much. That's my advice. Not everyone likes the same kind of kiss or technique, so I can't tell you how to kiss. Just don't be too fast unless you're trying to give them a sign that you want sex. A sweet, passionate, slow, hard kiss is best. Nibble on the bottom lip to close the kiss, massage their tongue, and suck on the tongue and lips. Don't be too rough. Keep it soft and light. And DO NOT open your eyes, haha!

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