If a guy asked you out a week or so before going off to college and you like him, would you say yes?

Would you give him a chance? Why/ why not?

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I mean if he's going to college. Not you.


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  • I would just think he wants to hook up for a week.

    • What if he's just shy and has been trying to ask her for months. What should he do if he really likes her. Just forget her?

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    • How can he prove to her that he will.

    • I don't know. He needs to figure his shit out.

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  • If the guy was genuine about it, did not just want a hook up... You can make long distance work provided you both have string feelings for eachother

  • Hi, my name is astronaut Smith beginning a 12 year mission to Mars. Do you want to date me when I get back?

  • If I'm single and a guy I like asked me out, I would go. Unconditionally.

    • But wouldn't you think twice if he was going away in a week or so.

    • I tink it's still worth a try :)

  • No, I hate long distance

  • what about the future the boy might leave u whenever he wants but the certificate will never leave you

    • I mean if he's going to college. Not you.

    • ohh in this case yes long dist. relat. are hard but it 's ok i'd accept

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