Crushing hard on a girl. Did I mess up?

I've been talking to and hanging out occasionally with a girl for about a month and a half and today she comes over to talk after a bad night out with a guy friend.

I knew nothing about this guy until she told me today that they were talking for the past two weeks or so. Anyway, we had a good visit. Laughed a little and talked a little about serious stuff.

I had been wanting to tell her that I like her next time I saw here (which is today) and I felt like it would've been disrespectful if I came right out and tried to sweep her off her feet from someone else.

She leaves and I wait a couple hours and text her this:

"Hey, I understand if you don't want to talk after this, but I couldn't tell you while you were here. I felt like it would've been disrespectful... but I like you a lot. Needed to get that off my mind. I'm sure you already knew."

What do you all think? Did a botch it?

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She said she likes me as a friend.

She has A LOT of problems going on from her past and is apparently into guys who are husky and treat women very shitty... since she's so used to it.

I'm the complete opposite. Slim and down to earth... lol.
In other words, time to move the fuck on... hahaha. Although I am extremely attracted to her.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Can't really say. These kind of things are best said in person, rather than through text. You could have waited until you met her the next time. It wasn't a big deal. At least, it would have a better option than the risk of botching it up. Now you just have to wait for her response. Nothing much you can do.


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What Girls Said 2

  • It's good you got it off your chest, but maybe you should've told her in person. Make sure she knows that you were timid about it. It's really 50/50 in my opinion! It could go both ways. She may just not be feeling it after this recent relationship.

  • She may be into the other guy. You can still remedy the situation by kidnapping him and dropping him over the line of some foreign nation without a passport or money. By the time he comes home she'll have forgotten all about him.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would have simply told her: "Give me your number. I want to take you out." That's straight to the point. Either she say yes or no depending on if she likes you or not. I get straight to the point with women. If it doesn't work, I move on to the next woman.

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