Do you be faithful to every person you meet?

My brother friend is getting used like crazy because he trying to use and rely on this girl in the military for her money. She makes him look stupid because she set something up for him to beat a female and he fell for it. She had sex with another guy in his house while at work. That same guy he had a conversation about a female which is the female that she set up is the same guy who did the set up and back ground checks blaming it on the ex, she make him look so sorry. He's really vulnerable for money


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  • He needs to get himself together and relying on a girl won't do that by any chance maybe him having help by helping him find a good job or a better one or encouraging him to follow the things that makes him happy and that he's always wanted to do go on something he's interested in doing in life look up research get information sent to him in his name and tell him how much him being independent can get him along way in life he needs more motivation maybe words from a person who influences him a lot to do things would be a good person to help him become more motivated in life and not some girl i would also show him proof this girl isn't good for him or find him someone better

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