What's your ideal first date?

What is the ideal scenario/ setting for a first date?


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  • Anywhere at where I am at peace really so it can be in my house. I don't believe in the idea that I have to be in a specific place for be a proper 'date'. I just think that is just an annoying socially constructed idea somehow hardwired into a lot people's heads. I don't care any romantic bullshit.


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  • Hopefully she's not too well dressed cos I'll probably be coming on a motorcycle ,
    take her to a nice seaside restaurant , small talk over some nice portuguese red wine as we wait for the lobster to arrive ,
    stroll along the beach at night as we watches the ship go sailing.
    hire a cab and get her home as I sleep on the beach and watches the stars lol and wait a few hours for the alcohol to pass through so I can go home on my bike. (if she doesn't mind lying on the beach in expensive clothes , that's cool too :D we can get lost in the starry night together and wait for the sun to come up.
    I don't think girls are into that tho... it does get a bit windy and cold.

    • Lol that sounds perfect, I don't know what girl wouldn't be into that :3

  • 1.) Give the girl roses

    2.) Dinner /Small talk

    3.) Movie

  • beach walks and ice cream, then a movie! works like a charm lol.


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