Why women who I meet online say I love you fast while women u meet in reality play hard to get?

Women i met online easygoing say what they feel , they dont mind asking my me out or talking with me the whole night ir calling me at mid night , or even saying i love you when they dont mean it.
Women i met in reality never say i love you , never talk a lot texting a lot and never call me mid night.
Why women act differently?
And one more thing online women approach me , in reality they wait until i do it.
So women why you act differently?


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  • People let their guard down online easier.


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  • I think people who actually take online dating seriously must be quite desperate, that might be the reason why they aren't reluctant to say I love you. Talking to someone over the internet is much easier, as you aren't actually with each other. You get the time to think of comebacks and stuff

  • It's just like why cyberbullies act differently online than in real life. They feel more confident and because they aren't talking to you face to face they don't feel as intimidated.

  • Women you meet on line are men. Homosexual men say "I love you" very quickly.

    • ur answer is silly just like your face

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